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I’ve been hearing a lot about okcupid.com recently. Quite a few of my friends have had positive experiences on the site, but I was sceptical, seeing that it is a free dating website (you know the old saying: you get what you pay for). But I decided to test the waters and see what all the fuss was about and if it was warranted.

Free doesn’t always mean good, but in okcupid.com’s case, it does. Most free dating sites don’t offer its members much in the way of features, but I found okcupid.com to be a fruitful experience. You’ll find all the features you would on a paid dating site, but the downside is that there’s advertising on most pages within the site. Since they don’t charge basic membership fees, okcupid.com sells advertising space, which can be a bit annoying to see. There is a membership upgrade that you can pay for ($9.95 a month), and with it, you’ll get perks like your profile will be marked as an A-List user in search results and all those pesky ads will be removed from your view.

Searching through other okcupid.com members’ profiles was pretty fun. I know, most times it’s a tedious process, but on okcupid.com, they are interesting to read. Plus, when you’re running a search on members, the results let you know if the person replies often and the last time a they received a message.

If you want to get to know someone fairly quickly, you’ll be glad to know that okcupid.com comes with a handy instant message feature. It’s easy to use and it sits at the bottom of your browser, kind of like the one you’ll find on Facebook. And just like email messages, you can setup IM to ignore members’ IMs based on numerous factors, including location, age and relationship status.

Another cool thing I liked about okcupid.com was the test feature. Don’t be worried, these aren’t the kind of tests you have to study for. You can take an okcupid.com test that’s been created by other members or make your own test for people to take. They’ll give you insight into other members’ interests and they are a fun way to kill some time at work.

Covering a broad range of relationship types, I found okcupid.com to be a very functional and full featured site at a great price point (hey, free is a price point). Great for creative types and those looking to put some thought into their profile, okcupid.com will put you in touch with members just as unique and cool as you are.