iHookup.com | iHookup Reviews

A new player in the online dating world, I had seen a few ads promoting ihookup.com and was curious to see what it was all about. I loved the name ihookup (it’s cool and trendy, just like me), and I really like the idea of casual relationships without the smut that you see on adult dating sites. I said what the hell and signed up for my free account.

On first glance, ihookup.com is neatly laid out, which makes it easy to navigate your way around the site. You can also sign into the site using your Facebook account, a great time saving tool for people who can’t remember all the usernames and passwords to different sites. I was really dreading filling out yet another dating profile, but here’s where I was pleasantly surprised. The questions that ihookup asked were unique and fun, and instead of all the usual garbage you see on dating profiles, I got to tell people what I keep in my bedside drawer and what I find sexy in a partner.

Just like most dating websites, you can sign up for ihookup.com for free, but to get to the really good stuff, you’re going to have to buy a membership. I decided to go for the one month silver option that costs $29.99. That gave me access to some cool features like the match game, where ihookup sends you pictures of members and asks if you’d hookup with them or not. If you say yes, that ihookup member gets a notification to let them know you’re interested. If not, nobody is the wiser – you only know if someone wants to hookup with you. I don’t know about you, but it’s a huge ego stroke to see what hot girls are into you, as well as being a great ice breaker.

All ihookup profiles come with a detailed horoscope that matches you and other members on sexual and personality compatibility. It was a little confusing to understand at first, but once I went through a few profiles, I got the hang of figuring them out. Another cool perk that comes with certain ihookup.com memberships is the Hookup Guarantee. Basically, if you don’t hookup with someone, you get an extension added on to your ihookup membership. You gotta love those win-win situations.

In my opinion, ihookup.com is ahead of the game by giving people the chance to engage in a casual type of relationship, and I’m positive that within a year, we’ll be seeing more sites like this pop up on the radar. I’m definitely going to be spending some more time on this site and would recommend ihookup to anyone looking for a casual relationship.